Andrea Zittel – Lay of My Land

September 9 - December 11, 2011
Curator: Richard Julin

I knew I would end up in the desert living a somewhat experimental life, more than I knew I would end up being an artist. – Andrea Zittel

The American artist Andrea Zittel was born in California in 1965. She is most closely associated with the remarkable utopian structures she calls living systems, which explore what we humans need for our survival in different ways. Andrea Zittel’s projects are deeply rooted in her own daily life and her work delves into many different fields such as architecture, painting, photography, design, textiles, needlework and cooking. For over two decades her experiments have included dressing in the same home-sewn uniform for months on end, exploring restrictions in living space by living on an artificial island and living without measured time. At the beginning of the last decade she moved from New York back to California where she founded A-Z West, a space where she has created minimal households in which the everyday activities such as sleeping, eating, cooking and socializing become artistic actions. The fall exhibition at Magasin 3 focuses on ideas related to A-Z West.

“We are very pleased that Andrea Zittel has produced a completely new and large-scale piece for the exhibition at Magasin 3. The work Lay of My Land is a sculptural installation–a dramatic topographical figuration of the landscape that surrounds her site A-Z West in the Mojave desert”, says Richard Julin, curator of the exhibition.


Do you want to visit A-Z West? Book a night in Magasin 3’s Wagon Station!
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Read about Tova Rudin’s experiences on-site at A-Z West in the blogg “A Month in the Mojave“. Magasin 3 is helping to finance the second generation of Wagon Stations, which includes the construction of an outdoor kitchen and bathroom. Tova has been working and living in one of two Magasin 3 Wagon Stations during October 2011. Filmmaker Marcus Harrling, lived in a Wagon Station in November, after Tove Rudin returned to Sweden. He made a film project called Sundays in the Mojave while at A-Z West. One of the two Magasin 3 Wagon Stations was followed via webcam in the exhibition Lay of My Land at Magasin 3.


On February 10 the exhibition Andrea Zittel Lay of My Land will open at the renowned art institution BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead, UK.
“Both Andrea and Magasin 3 are thrilled that the exhibition will travel and be able to reach another public. BALTIC is an exciting institution for contemporary art with extensive programs and the exhibition will be open throughout spring 2012,” Richard Julin, Chief Curator at Magasin 3 and curator of the exhibition.