Seminar: Curating Stories

Date: November 30, 2011
Location: Magasin 3, Stockholm
Language: English

Welcome to the seminar Curating Stories, a collaboration between Magasin 3 and students at the International Curating Art Program at Stockholm University.

In connection to Andrea Zittel’s show Lay of My Land, we are hosting a panel discussion that will examine creativity in curating from the perspective of storytelling.

The role of the curator has changed dramatically over the past decade. Trends towards institutionalization have prompted a critical re-evaluation of its significance, and this has, in turn, put the creative aspects of the curatorial practice into the spotlight.

The seminar will examine how this creativity manifests itself through storytelling. Whether taken literally or otherwise, what kind of implications do these stories have for Curators, Artists, Artworks, Spaces, Audiences and Society at large? The discussion will also circle around the responsibility of a story to decrypt works of art and the importance of storytelling in different contexts as seen through the eyes of different curators.

The panel consists of: Richard Julin, Deputy Director and Chief Curator at Magasin 3; Magdalena Malm, Artistic Director at Mobile Art Productions; Bo Nilsson, Artistic Director at Artipelag and Liv Stoltz, independent curator. The panel represents both the institutional and non-institutional spheres. They will share their knowledge and experiences in a discussion led by Moderator, Anders Karnell. Anders is the Art Editor of Nöjesguiden magazine, and also works as a Pedagog at Moderna Museet.

Curating Stories

Admission: Free

In collaboration with students at the International Curating Art Program: Alida Ivanov, Kirsten Hinder, Hanna Wörman, Irene Østbø.

The International Curating Art Program is an international Master’s Program in Curating Art, including Management and Law at Stockholm University. The program is based at the Department of Art History and managed through a systematic collaboration with affiliated curators. Magasin 3 has been an active part of the program since its inception in 2003.

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