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Magasin III’s exhibition program discontinued

Magasin III Museum for Contemporary Art is ceasing its public exhibition program after nearly 40 years in Stockholm’s Old Free Port. The decision is due to the major challenges imposed by the landlord’s renovation work on the property. As of the end of January this year, the museum has been forced to remain closed and evacuate the premises due to a water leak. The renovation of the building is estimated to be completed not before 2027.

Against this background, the proprietary family, represented by Robert Weil and Sandra Weil, together with chairman David Neuman, have made the decision to close Magasin III, which corresponds to some of the employees will need to leave the organization. The work of managing and even expanding the collection will continue. The national and international lending activities will be intensified.

Magasin III has conducted groundbreaking exhibition activities since 1987/1988, where many Swedish and international artists have been introduced to the public for the first time in Sweden. Over the years, the institution has enabled the creation of a large number of new works, under the title Magasin III productions. The exhibition activities have also included a long series of publications as well as significant program activities. Magasin III is entering a phase where, based on our history and collection, we will analyze and develop our distinctive focus. The future work will require continued innovation and take place in dialogue with the public sector to explore all possible alternatives.

Robert Weil   Sandra Weil   David Neuman
Stockholm, May 20, 2024.

About Magasin III

Magasin III Museum for Contemporary Art was founded in 1987 to fill a gap. A private institution with a mission to make the best of contemporary art available to a broad public. Through ambitious presentations of internationally established artists, Magasin III has become one of the most important institutions in Sweden for contemporary art.

Magasin III believes that art has the ability to challenge and inspire individuals and society. That is why we have supported the arts since our inception, providing exhibiting artists with the opportunity to produce new works that influence, engage, and question. Our exhibitions are at the core of our ever-growing collection of works by artists relevant to our time.

Magasin III has become one of the leading institutions of contemporary art in Europe. For over 35 years, we have also lent works from our collection to museums around the world. Located, since its inception, in a former warehouse in Frihamnen, the former Free Port of Stockholm. Between fall 2017 and fall 2020, the public program was closed to re-shape the future Magasin III.

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Magasin III Jaffa

On January 20, 2018, Magasin III Jaffa opened its doors for the first time with zerubbabel – a solo exhibition with Israel-born American artist Haim Steinbach. The exhibition marks the launch of a diverse program that will feature both international and local artists in Jaffa, greater Tel Aviv. Magasin III Jaffa is located on 34 Olei Zion a residential neighborhood that borders with Jaffa’s famous flea market at the center of the Christian, Jewish and Muslim populations of Jaffa. The site was chosen for its location as well as architectural qualities.

The space has been carefully planned so that exhibitions can be viewed at any time of the day or night, curated with a special emphasis on also being viewed from the outside.
David Neuman, Chairman Magasin III.

The Director of Magasin III Jaffa, Karmit Galili, says: This is a truly exciting addition to our city. The satellite defines Magasin III’s longstanding involvement with the cultural scene in Israel. The area where Magasin III Jaffa is located has a rich and mixed history and we are very much looking forward to contributing to it and engaging with new audiences.

Read more about Magasin III Jaffa here.


Accelerator is an exhibition space for art, science, and societal issues with a mission to engage actively with society.

The exhibition space opened to the public in September 2019 and presents international and Swedish contemporary art at Stockholm University in the Manne Siegbahn laboratory. Accelerator produces exhibitions, screenings, talks, and interdisciplinary projects connecting the humanities, social science and science departments.

Accelerator emerged from a long-standing and successful collaboration with Magasin III, within the MA programme in Curating Art at Stockholm University. Accelerator was initiated by David Neuman, former museum director and current chair of Magasin III, and Margaretha Thomson, professor emeritus of art history. In 2015, the vice-chancellor of Stockholm University, Astrid Söderbergh Widding, officially founded Accelerator and the activities were launched. Magasin III and The Robert Weil Family Foundation are Founding Patrons. Richard Julin is the Artistic Director at Accelerator.

Read more about Accelerator here.

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Curating art master program

Magasin III’s commitment to the Curating art program at Stockholm University has existed from the very beginning—planning the program was personally an incredibly important phase in my life. It is with an overwhelming degree of pride that I see all these promising curators working in the cultural sector today. Many of ”our” curators have become colleagues, dear friends, and not least strong visionaries for our profession. An ongoing success story…
David Neuman, Chairman of Magasin III and one of the founders of the Curating Art program.

Information from Stockholm University:
The international Master programme Curating Art is a two-year curatorial education established and developed in 2003 as a joint enterprise between Stockholm University at the Department of Art History and managed through a systematic collaboration with affiliated curators, mainly at Magasin III Museum for Contemporary Art. Its full name – Curating Art: International Master Programme in Curating Art, including Management and Law – reflects the curator’s internationalised, professional role and job market. With this as starting point, we wish to focus on the presentation and understanding of art and art exhibitions, including aspects connected to management, organization, institutional frameworks, and legal issues.

Read detailed course description, prerequisites and application directions here.

Advisory board

David Neuman, Chairman Magasin III
Robert Weil, Chairman Proventus AB and Family Robert Weil Foundation
Sandra Weil, Freelance Curator, Tel Aviv
Lars Nilsson, Artist, Stockholm
Ann-Sofi Noring, curator and former Deputy Director Moderna Museet, Stockholm
Richard Julin, Artistic Director Accelerator at Stockholms university
Tessa Praun, Museum Director & Chief Curator Magasin III (adjunct)

Photo: Patrik Lindell