Magasin III Museum for Contemporary Art is ceasing its public exhibition activities after nearly 40 years in Stockholm’s free port. The decision is due to the major challenges imposed by the landlord’s renovation work on the property. As of the end of January this year, the museum has been forced to remain closed and evacuate the premises due to a water leak. The renovation of the building is estimated to be completed not before 2027.

Against this background, the proprietary family, represented by Robert Weil and Sandra Weil, together with chairman David Neuman, have made the decision to close Magasin III, which corresponds to some of the employees will need to leave the organization. The work of managing and even expanding the collection will continue. The national and international lending activities will be intensified.

Magasin III has conducted groundbreaking exhibition activities since 1987/1988, where many Swedish and international artists have been introduced to the public for the first time in Sweden. Over the years, the institution has enabled the creation of a large number of new works, under the title Magasin III productions. The exhibition activities have also included a long series of publications as well as significant program activities. Magasin III is entering a phase where, based on our history and collection, we will analyze and develop our distinctive focus. The future work will require continued innovation and take place in dialogue with the public sector to explore all possible alternatives.

Robert Weil   Sandra Weil   
David Neuman
Stockholm, May 20, 2024.



Vid mitten av vår levnadsbana fann jag mig i en mörk skog... (Midway on our life's journey I found myself in dark woods...)

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