Janine Antoni – Moor


Essä av Janine Antoni
Slutord av Charles A. Stainback, verkställande direktör SITE Santa Fe, och David Neuman, direktör Magasin 3 Stockholm Konsthall
Slutord av Richard Julin, intendent Magasin 3 Stockholm Konsthall

Antal sidor: 46, färg, illustrerad
Formgivare: Mattias Givell

Språk: engelska
År: 2003
Utgivare: Magasin 3 Stockholm Konsthall och SITE Santa Fe
ISBN: 91-974236-2-9

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Moor av Janine Antoni

(…) and Paul’s shirt is entwined with Melissa’s skirt accidentally acquired when she left a housesitting situation which did not end on the best of terms and she didn’t stay in contact with them, nor did she return the skirt and Melissa’s skirt is entwined with an Oscar the Grouch scarf that was a gift from her sister and she never favored the color or the length or the style and in fact, it is more like something her sister would buy for herself than something Melissa would actually wear and Melissa’s scarf is entwined with leftover gray fabric from Danielle’s

sculpture The Pet and she loves this sculpture despite all of its problems and it looks like a big rock and has a camera that films itself and a little of what is behind it, and it also has a leash so you can take it for a walk and, although it doesn’t need pet food, it is very high maintenance and Danielle’s fabric is entwined with Doug’s industrial power cord from 1992 when he moved into the studio above mine on Warren Street and Doug’s cord is entwined with my brother Brian’s favorite shirt that reminds him of (…)