Magasin III supports artists by lending their artworks to fellow institutions. It allows artists’ work to be seen in new contexts and be discovered by new audiences.

Loan requests are considered by the Magasin III collections committee and preference is given to exhibitions that fulfill the following criteria:

• Major solo exhibitions
• Exhibitions that will introduce artists to a new audience
• Exhibitions that will further knowledge and new scholarship of a particular theme or period

All loan requests should be made in writing via post at least 6 months prior to the exhibition opening. Emails are not considered official loan requests. The letter should be addressed to Tessa Praun, Director of Magasin III Museum & Foundation for Contemporary Art.

Loan requests must include the following:

• A title and description of the exhibition (including whether a catalogue is planned)
• The significance of the requested objects to the exhibition
• The venue(s) and dates of the exhibition
• A list of the objects requested
• A completed and signed facility report