Tom Friedman at Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 2014–2015

Exhibition: Tom Friedman: Up In the Air

Location: Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Period: November 17, 2014 – March 15, 2015

Work on loan:
Tom Friedman, Up in the Air, 2009. Magasin III Production.

We have loaned Tom Friedman’s work Up in the Air, which is a Magasin III production and is included in our collection, to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

Together with the artist, our technicians Thomas Nordin and Christopher Garney were on site to install the work.
It includes over 600 objects, which hung in a light-filled atrium that is 26 meters high and was visible from several levels.

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art made a short film of the installation process and an interview with the artist: