Sirous Namazi – Pending

September 9, 2023 - January 21, 2024
Curator: Tessa Praun

Sirous Namazi is a Stockholm-based artist born in 1970 in Kerman, Iran. The solo exhibition titled Pending comprises exclusively of new works created specifically for Magasin III – works in which the theme of home recurs. Since the 1990s, Namazi has explored themes of memory, loss of information, and exclusion.

In the series of works titled Patterns of Failure (2023), recycled porcelain has been shattered, reshaped, and redefined. These objects are associated with the notion of home and often bear traces of their previous owners. Namazi has glued together these into entirely new forms, creating new identities from the broken.

Patterns of Failure serve as prototypes for the works titled Rebound (2023), in which Namazi has used a 3D printer to create new sculptures – altered, abstracted, and distorted from their original prototypes.

In the work Arrival (2023), memories of the new homeland take center stage. The artwork consists of façade and wall fragments in 1:1 scale, panels leaning against each other and against one of the exhibition walls. Layers upon layers of sometimes vivid, sometimes blurry memories from the years in Sweden.

The exhibition is a continued manifesta­tion of Namazi’s ongoing endeavor to understand and process his past, his identity, and his place in the world. Between the fragments of memories and the recreated realities, between escape and home, there lies the emptiness and silence that memory inevitably produces. It is within this undefined stillness that there is room for reflection and transformation. It serves as a reminder that our memories and identities are complex and multi-dimensional, that they are always changing and in motion.

Exhibition Curator: Tessa Praun
With the assistance of Sofia Ringstedt
Technician: Erik Rask

Lisa Boström Head of Communications
Antoine Deeb Administrator
Hedvig Furuhagen Communications Officer
David Hamati Premises Manager
Oliver Krug Senior Registrar
Olga Krzeszowiec Malmsten Curator
Thomas Nordin Chief Technician
Tessa Praun Museum Director & Chief Curator
Marinela Radic Senior Host & Assistant
Erik Rask Technician & Conservator
Sofia Ringstedt Curator (maternity cover)
Ester d’Avossa & Jacob Varnauskas Interns