Aether & Einstein

February 6 - December 11, 2016
Curator: Richard Julin

In 2016, Magasin III presents an extensive solo exhibition by artist and composer Christine Ödlund. It is the first large institutional presentation of her work in Sweden. Since the first solo exhibition at the alternative art space Ynglingagatan 1 in Stockholm in 1995, Ödlund has continued to create unique encounters between art, science and music. Her artistic practice includes a wide range of media including drawing, painting, sculpture, animation, installations with living plants, electroacoustic music, and more. Many of her artworks challenge the limits of our senses and give physical form to phenomena that otherwise remain invisible to the naked eye or even the scientific microscope.

Ödlund’s artworks draw inspiration from fields such as theosophy, synesthesia and biology. For example, she has researched how plants, specifically stinging nettles, interact and communicate with one another at the Royal Institute of Technology’s Department of Organic Chemistry in Stockholm. During the course of this exhibition, Ödlund will expand her study of sensory reactions, to a greater variety of plant species.

The exhibition presents new sculptures, works on paper, and video works alongside large-scale site-specific installations with live plants that visitors are able to step into. These various elements combine to create an all-encompassing experience. In what could be seen as a laboratory that cross-references science and esoteric knowledge, Ödlund opens up a holistic world where detailed studies of natural phenomena can be seen from very different perspectives.