Magasin III – a brief history.

At the beginning of the 1980s, Robert Weil and I discussed the idea of starting an alternative platform for contemporary visual art in Stockholm. At a time when the New York City art scene was a strong cultural influence, Magasin III initially drew significant inspiration from the US and especially from New York.

During these first years, we worked under a kind of unspoken mantra that we in Sweden would “lose out” if Magasin III didn’t step in to fill a gap. It became clear that we could act as an important arena for art both nationally and in Scandinavia; the opportunities to invite and introduce the international art scene to Magasin III seemed limitless.

For nearly thirty years, Magasin III has invited artists to develop, change, and experiment with their artistic practice. We have always started with an idea and almost never asked: “Is this possible?” Perhaps this is why artists have always been our strongest supporters. These brilliant individuals continue to explore our world and return to us at Magasin III from time to time to present their latest thoughts.

This unique vision, along with generous operative support and the belief that art and culture are naturally central elements in society, comes from Robert Weil, chairman of The Robert Weil Family Foundation and Proventus. Driven by the belief that the creative process has a great deal to offer other fields and individuals, he has, through his personal commitment, ensured the growth of Magasin III from a smaller alternative art space into an unparalleled museum of contemporary art.

From day one, those of us who work at Magasin III have had a strong foundation for carrying out this particular endeavor. Through the new website you can take part in our accomplishments over the years: collaborations with numerous artists that have led to the creation of new artworks, exhibitions, public talks, podcasts, films, books, concerts and performances, and not least the formation of our remarkable collection. I hope it is apparent what an incredible journey this has been, and that our determination has successfully contributed to the creation of new art.

With this record of success, we move forward with new challenges: diligent efforts to expand, conserve and exhibit a fascinating collection that as a whole reflects much of our work, to increase accessibility to our history, to foster the development of satellite projects out in the world, and not least to continue to deepen our relationships with art and artists.

David Neuman

Magasin III Museum for Contemporary Art was founded in 1987 by David Neuman and Robert Weil, and is an independent cultural institution under the auspices of the privately owned Proventus AB and the Robert Weil Family Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to the advancement of visual arts, performative disciplines, film, as well as concerns in relation to education, sustainability, democracy, and bridging political divides.

David Neuman. Photo: Mathias Johansson.