Janine Antoni – Touch

January 2 - March 28, 2004
Curator: Elisabeth Millqvist

This is the first exhibition in room 1 presenting works from or in relation to the collection during the spring 2004. Janine Antoni’s video work Touch is a development of her installation Moor, made for the 2001 exhibition Free Port. It consists of objects given to the artist by friends and acquaintances which she tied together to form a 78 metre long rope. After having learnt rope making, Antoni has continued to work with challenges relating to ropes.

She has mastered the skill of tightrope walking, which she uses in her video Touch. When she balances near the sea, the rope is difficult to discern. At times it seems as if she is walking on the horizon. Despite the fact that it is not a physical place, Antoni sees the horizon as a space of desire and wishes. She writes, “…if I could walk anywhere, where would I walk? And that brought me to the horizon line… Just to be able to balance there for a second was a way of bringing you to the point of desire.”

Janine Antoni’s friends and acquaintances who provided material for Moor also wrote short stories relating to their contributions. The stories were not part of the 2001 exhibition, but are now presented together with the rope in a book published by Magasin 3 Stockholm Konsthall and SITE Santa Fe.