Konst i biblioteket: Fatima Moallim

September 9, 2023 - January 21, 2024

During the Fall of 2023 and the Spring of 2024, three works on paper by Fatima Moallim are presented in the reference library of Magasin III.

On September 27, Moallim created the performance work Markeringar in the library, which resulted in a work directly on the wall.

The works are abstract depictions of upbringing, rooted in the places that are part of one’s origin, identity, and belonging. The line is present in her expression and serves as the red thread that connects the places we call home. The works demonstrate that one’s sense of belonging can be found both in the shelter beneath a bed and extend across mountain landscape.

Read an interview with Fatima Moallim about the performance work and her artistic practice here.