The Influence Machine – part of M*r0>r

Performance October 20, 2016 at Stockholm University
Curator: Richard Julin, Tessa Praun

On October 20th, 2016 Tony Oursler’s acclaimed outdoor work The Influence Machine (2000–2002) was performed at Stockholm University’s Frescati campus. In the work, Oursler blends fragments of speech from the history of technology with images of heads. Through the dark, a projected hand knocks on clouds of smoke, trees and surrounding buildings. Oursler uses the landscape as a stage for enlarged projections of text messages and email. With words, images and sounds, the artist creates a spectacular outdoor artwork.

In the autumn of 2002, this large-scale work was shown at Djurgårdsbrunn on three consecutive evenings as a part of Projekt Djurgårdsbron in Stockholm. It has previously been shown in Madison Square Park, New York and in Soho Square, London. The Influence Machine at Stockholm University is part of the exhibition M*r>0r. Read more about M*r>0r

The Influence Machine
Tony Oursler
Date: October 20, 2016

Location: Stockholms University, Frescati campus, outside the Manne Siegbahn laboratory, Frescativägen 26.
Free admission, everyone welcome – no RSVP required

Antennae (2002)
Tony Oursler
Date: The installation will be shown every week day October 19 – November 4, 6–11 pm at Stockholm University.
Location: Frescativägen 26, Manne Siegbahn laboratory, Stockholm university

Antennae (2002), is an installation by Tony Oursler. It is on display in the basin of the former particle accelerator. The work is part of the exhibition M*r>0r.  Antennae is included in the Magasin III permanent collection. Read more about M*r>0r

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