Miri Segal

Haifa , Israel

Miri Segal was born in 1965 in Haifa, Israel and lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel. Segal’s artistic language, crystallized over the past twenty years, employs a variety of media – including video, light and text, treated objects involving hardware and software, photographic and computer-manipulated imagery. Through the involvement of sensory and physical manipulations, optical illusions, word games, and enticing technological experiences, Segal’s works often invade the viewer’s space in unexpected ways. Floating images, Technological Ghosts, shadows without body and the Purgatorium – serve to subtly speculate on our capacity to apprehend concrete reality. Segal’s works reflect her interest in philosophical questions regarding Existence, Ethics of Technology, and the Economic-Political Regimes.

Photo: Or Even Tov.