Video: Sirous Namazi – Pending | Part 2

Sirous Namazi’s work Rebound (2023) consists of 3D printed porcelain. The sculptures are based on the works Patterns of Failure (2023), in which Namazi has shattered porcelain which has then been glued together and redefined. From the broken, new identities have been born. In Rebound, these identities have been further reshaped, as the 3D process alters, abstracts, and distorts them.⁣

Watch Sirous Namazi’s creation of Rebound in the video above, where he works on the sculptures in a 3D studio alongside Charles Stern and ultimately assembles them on-site at Magasin III.⁣

Participants: Sirous Namazi, artist, and Charles Stern
Film: Gabriel Leigh
Music: Giuseppe Rizzo
Language: Swedish and English (English subtitles)
Date: September, 2023
Duration: 1 min
Exhibition: Sirous Namazi – Pending