Magasin 3 Projekt Djurgårdsbrunn 2003

Trollet, o-b-o-k
June 4 - October 29, 2003
Curator: Richard Julin, Magnus Ericson

The group o-b-o-k; the artist Ronald Jones and the designer Laurie Haycock Makela, created the interior design, concept and meeting-place on the themes of gardens, objects, Djurgårdsbrunn stories, and other narratives. The influences for the interior design was taken from cabinets of curiosities and one could also watch the news on TV-monitors, see new films and partake in the stories behind curious objects in glass showcases. One of the flower beds were named after Strindberg’s play “Ett drömspel”. Oscar Wilde’s prison cell offered a room for contemplation and the new fountain reminded us of the times when there was a spa at Djurgårdsbrunn.

o-b-o-k stands for the Swedish words for word – image – object – knowledge and is run by Ronald Jones och Laurie Haycock Makela. The café, both indoors and outdoors, was open all summer. Outside were deck chairs and garden groups around the goldfish fountain and a garden shop selling flowers.