Magasin 3 Projekt Djurgårdsbrunn 2005

Jurgen Bey, Marti Guixé, Anna Koch, Stina Nordenstam
June 2 - October 2, 2005
Curator: Richard Julin, Magnus Ericson

Marti Guixé

The Spanish designer Marti Guixé challenges our accepted views on objects, function and form in a subtle and often provocative way. He questions the necessity of yet another product with a new design and points to the importance of trying to understand people and how they live in a rapidly changing society. The result is radical propositions for concepts and systems with a minimal focus on form. Marti Guixé is mainly interested in people and their needs rather than in actual objects.

For Magasin 3 Projekt, he created “Museum Guixé”. As an illegal street market, his Catalan design museum presented a retrospective of Marti Guixé’s own works. It is a concept characteristic of Guixé, multilayered and raising many issues about culture, economy, politics and globalism

Jurgen Bey

The product designer Jurgen Bey presented installations entitled “Dust”. It is an ongoing, investigative project starting from the signification of dust and other materials considered as refuse or rubbish. Here, he creates new objects out of materials that are a result of a degradation process and in doing so, he turns the production process and our ingrained opinions on their heads. He describes it as follows: “Slowly everything we no longer need disappears. Or will rubbish suddenly become valuable? India the richest country and ours the poorest? Eventually having nothing will become the greatest wealth one can have.” In this way, Jurgen Bey challenges a rational or even utopian field of tradition within design. He wants to go beyond this tradition and other, often technologically and economically conditioned solutions. He suggests a method grounded in a deep interest for our culture in which the human being is always at the centre.

Jurgen Bey received his training as a product designer at The Design Academy in Eindhoven. He was one of the first to be brought to the attention of the Dutch design organisation Droog Design in the beginning of the 1990s.

Anna Koch

Stina Nordenstam

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