Alfredo Jaar – Ronald Jones

February 10 - May 10, 1989
Curator: David Neuman

The exhibition features three photographic installations by the Chilean artist Alfredo Jaar, along with one installation and three sculptures by the American Ronald Jones. Their works are displayed for the first time in Scandinavia at Magasin 3. Alfredo Jaar, who was born in 1956 in Chile and now lives in New York, refers to his art as “socio-critical installations” in which, using his nationality as a point of reference, he gives an account of the power relationships between the industrialised and the developing countries. Underlying ideological mechanisms are also a topic examined by Ronald Jones, who was born in 1952 and now lives in Sweden. In his art, Jones works in exclusive materials and exquisite forms that invite a purely aesthetic consideration up to the point when the artist’s chosen subject imposes itself upon the beholder. In this way, the artist employs a method that shows that no shapes are neutral, no view is impartial.