Alfred Leslie

October 13, 1991 - January 29, 1992
Curator: David Neuman

The exhibition consists of seven drawings by the American artist Alfred Leslie. All are life studies in charcoal, in life size (180 x 151 cm). The posture, expression and the central positioning of the model in an empty space are all characteristic of Leslie and connect the viewer with the artist’s experience of cinematography, abstract expressionism and narrative painting. Alfred Leslie was born in New York in 1927 and began his career as an abstract expressionist in the aftermath of World War II. In 1961, together with Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg and Richard Stankiewicz he took part in the acclaimed Fyra Amerikaner (Four Americans) exhibition at Moderna Museet in Stockholm. In the late 1950s, he abandoned abstract painting in favour of “confrontational portraits,” which were more figurative images in a large format. He also devoted time to stage design, avant-garde film and literature, works from this period including the film Pull My Daisy, made in 1959 in collaboration with Jack Kerouac and Robert Frank, and the literary magazine The Hasty Papers.