Why Art at SSE?

Date: November 18, 2013
Location: Stockholm School of Economics
Language: English

In the spring of 2013, the Stockholm School of Economics and Magasin 3 Stockholm Konsthall launched a collaborative project to bring new perspectives and inspiration into the academic environment. Since May, a program of film-based artworks from the Magasin 3 collection has been presented in the Atrium of the Stockholm School of Economics. The purpose of the program is to demonstrate how art can place things within a broader context, and address the complexity of the human experience by challenging our deep-seated—and often simplistic—views of the world around us.

The project is timely, as witnessed by a current debate in the media in which some assert that humanities are essential for a creative business sector. Citing studies that show how the arts can help to substantiate theoretical studies, they argue that the field of economics must be broadened.

The Atrium is a public space located within an institution of higher learning, a natural arena for the debate of ideas. Appropriately, the content and the presentation of some of the films have sparked a variety of reactions. This seminar Why art at SSE? provides the opportunity to consider some issues that often arise: How does art affect us? What function does art serve in a public space? And what can the humanities do for economics?

The panel will include participants from the Stockholm School of Economics, Magasin 3 and the Stockholm art scene. Discussions will address the role of art in society and the importance of taking advantage of the diverse perspectives that art can provide culturally, politically and economically. Following the panel discussion, the floor will be open to further questions and conversation.

Panel: Kristina Möster Nilsson, project manager Public Art Agency; Ann-Sofi Sidén, Artist and Professor, The Royal Institute of Arts, Stockholm; Lars Strannegård, Vice President and Professor, Stockholm School of Economics; Nina Øverli, Curator, Magasin 3, and curator of the film program at the School of Economics.

Moderator: David Neuman, Museum Director, Magasin 3 and Affiliated Professor, Stockholm University.