Lecture by Karin Sidén

Date: January 25, 2007
Location: Magasin 3, Stockholm
Language: Swedish

Dialogue with image traditions. John Currin – Jake & Dinos Chapman

Lecture by Karin Sidén, Ph. D., curator Nationalmuseum, Stockholm.The lecture used as a starting point the etchings from the series Disasters of War by the Chapman brothers which were on view together with works by John Currin at Magasin 3. Jake & Dinos Chapman refer to Goya’s work with the same title Los Desastres de la Guerra by adding to the original’s subject matter as well as mixing images of watchtowers, barbed wire and chimneys with elements of childish humour. As a curator at Nationalmuseum Karin Sidén is interested in combining classic and contemporary art and some of her previous exhibitions at Nationalmuseum include From El Greco to Dalì. Dialogue with Spanish painting (2003) and The Body. Art and Science (2005).