Conversation between Lisa Rosendahl and Elisabeth Millqvist

Date: March 5, 2009
Location: Magasin 3, Stockholm
Language: Swedish
Exhibition: Santiago Sierra

An in depth conversation about Santiago Sierra’s artistry between Lisa Rosendahl, curator and director of the Baltic Art Center in Visby and exhibition curator Elisabeth Millqvist. Lisa Rosendahl has worked with Sierra numerous times.Santiago Sierra is an artist who leaves no one unmoved, and he is seen both as provocative and controversial. The conversation deals with the issues that comes up when working with Sierra. Lisa Rosendahl is the director of the Baltic Art Center in Visby. As a curator she has worked with Santiago Sierra in the production of GROUP OF PERSONS FACING THE WALL AND PERSON FACING INTO A CORNER (2002) and POLYURETHANE SPRAYED ON THE BACKS OF 10 WORKERS (2004). Together with Daniel McClean she is co-curator for the project Exchange: Sites of Negotiation in Contemporary Art including Sierra’s site specific work DEATH COUNTER (2009) for Hiscox Insurance Group in London.