May 5, 2011

PERFORMANCEXHIBITION The Infinite Conversation, Lundahl & Seitl


Lundahl & Seitl

(A part of Performancexhibition)

May 5 – 8, 2011

Curator: Richard Julin

In the spring of 2011, Magasin 3 has invited a number of artists to produce work that lands somewhere between performance and exhibition.

The acclaimed artist duo Lundahl & Seitl have created a performance that invites visitors to immerse themselves in total darkness at Magasin 3. After the much talked about performance at National Museum in Stockholm last year, there is now another opportunity to experience an entirely new work for four days only in May.

For The Infinite Conversation, Lundahl & Seitl completely darken one of the galleries at Magasin 3. Visitors are led by the hand into a pitch-black room where they then drift in and out of conversations held between disembodied voices. Each new voice is projected out into the space, where it forms a dialogue with others. The gallery, like the dark caves of Lascaux, absorbs and stores this information in its own inherent memory–every visitor leaves a trace behind for the next person.

Richard Julin, curator of the exhibition:

“Lundahl & Seitl create experiences that linger in the consciousness of the visitor long after they leave. In Symphony of a Missing Room at the National Museum, for example, I was fascinated by how visitors trusted the artwork and gave themselves over to it. After following Lundahl & Seitl’s work at Weld and other European museums I am thrilled that they have now created a new work especially for Magasin 3.”

About the artists:

Lundahl & Seitl is a London-based artist duo, composed of curator and artist Christer Lundahl (b. 1979) and the choreographer and artist Martina Seitl (b. 1978). They have received considerable attention in the past few years for their large-scale site- and situation-specific artworks that explore history, time, space and human perception through the participation and total immersion of visitors.

In 2010 Lundahl & Seitl were awarded the Birgit Cullberg Stipendium with the following motivation: “With a great degree of certainty, Lundahl & Seitl lead the spectator into a magical world where dance, philosophy, technology and art merge into a complete work of art.”

Opening hours:
Thursday, May 5, 12-7 pm
Friday, May 6, 12-5 pm
Saturday, May 7, 5 pm
Sunday, May 8, 5 pm.

The Infinite Conversation has an age limit of 15 years old and is in English only. Magasin 3 entrance ticket gives access with no advanced booking required.

Lundahl & Seitl recently performed the work Observatory at MDT (April 26–May 3). Observatory and The Infinite Conversation at Magasin 3 exist as two separate units, in two different places, yet the works are also interconnected, reflecting and extending into one another. Read more about Observatory on MDT’s website.


The Infinite Conversation is part three of three in PERFORMANCEXHIBITION:

February 10 – March 6: Antidote, Erik Aalto
April 14 – 17: Corduroy de-constructed, Björn Säfsten
May 5 – 8: The Infinite Conversation, Lundahl & Seitl