Audio guide: Fleeing away from what bothers you most

The participating artists Jumana Emil Abboud, David Perlov, Raeda Saadeh, Gil Marco Shani, Jan Tichy, and Jean-Luc Vilmouth talk about the works and their background together with the exhibition curators Sarit Shapira and Elisabeth Millqvist, as well as Sandra Weil.

Participants: Jumana Emil Abboud, artist, David Perlov, artist, Raeda Saadeh, artist, Gil Marco Shani, artist, Jan Tichy, artist, Jean-Luc Vilmouth, artist, Sarit Shapira, Curator, Elisabeth Millqvist, Curator Magasin 3, and Sandra Weil.
Language: English
Date: March, 2007
Duration: 15 mins
Exhibition: Fleeing away from what bothers you most

Produced by Magasin 3 in collaboration with Kajsa Norell.

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