Artist talk: To be continued…

Mega Artist Talk

This event had the curators of Magasin 3 in conversation with a number of the participating artists in the exhibition To be continued… The moderator was Daniel Birnbaum, head of the Städelschule Academy of Art in Frankfurt and associate curator at Magasin 3. The participants were discussing their reflections on processes, productions, and collecting.

Participants: Katharina Grosse, Fabrice Gygi, Richard Julin, Matti Kallionen, Matts Leiderstam, Ernesto Neto, David Neuman, Lars Nilsson, Tessa Praun, Amy Baker Sandback, Sarit Shapira, and Nahum Tevet
Moderator: Daniel Birnbaum
Language: English
Date: September 6, 2007
Duration: 59 mins
Location: Frihamnen, Stockholm
Exhibition: To be continued…

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