Lecture by Sabeth Buchmann

Date: From Friday August 15, 2014 at 10:28
Location: Magasin 3
Language: English

It is difficult to bungle a good idea
– Conceptual art and Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawings .

“Drawing environments. On the ‘technology’ of Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawings.” Sabeth Buchmann is an art historian and critic. She is professor for modern and postmodern art at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and Chair of the Institute for Art Theory and Cultural Studies. She writes contributions for books, magazines and catalogues regularly and is a member of the Advisory board of the Berlin based magazine ‘Texte zur Kunst’. She is the author of “Denken gegen das Denken. Produktion – Technologie – Subjektivität bei Sol LeWitt, Hélio Oiticica und Yvonne Rainer” 2007 and Co-editor with Alexander Alberro of ”Art After Conceptual Art“ 2006. Free entrance to the lecture.

*Sentences on Conceptual Art, Sol LeWitt exhibition catalogue, The Nordic Watercolour Museum 2002.