Kalliolinia Concert

Date: November 2, 2007
Location: Magasin 3, Stockholm
Exhibition: To be continued...

Matti Kallioinen is the artist behind the installation The Beautiful Robot, which is on view outside Magasin 3 at present. Kallioinia is the name of the performance duo that Matti forms together with his brother Simon. Next week the act will make the journey from Berlin and Rotterdam respectively to Magasin 3 for an exclusive and much anticipated performance of their fantasy space-age electro music.

When we create our music it is like following a trail of images and emotions to places we have never been before. I want Kallioinia’s music to perform a kind of abstract puppet theatre inside the head of the listener. The visual element of our performance is a framework for the images and the stories generated by the music. (Matti Kallioinen)