Film night. Dandy by John Bock

Date: October 4, 2007
Location: Magasin 3, Stockholm
Exhibition: To be continued...

John Bock takes part in this fall’s exhibition with the artwork Im Atomeiterzins Konflikt mit einer EierstockCapitalSaint from 2001. The artist is celebrated for his spectacular actions where theatre, lecture, video, installation art, and sculpture unite in an exceptional manner, often with comical and grotesque elements. In the film Dandy, Bock borrows techniques from established film genres and mixes historical drama with surreal fantasy.

Dandy was filmed at Chateau du Bosc – childhood home of the aristocratic artist Toulouse-Lautrec. Bock’s fictional character in the film – the 18th century aristocrat Monsieur Lautreament – is a hypochondriac dandy with obvious inspiration from Lautrec who gives himself to the search of true aesthetic perfection, which is epitomized in the creation of a machine for producing the perfect perfume. Bock portrays the troubled genius that endeavors to achieve perfection in every creative aspect he sets his mind to.