Eitan Ben-Moshe, is a multidisciplinary artist, that creates sculptures, installations and digital media. He lives and works in Tel Aviv, and holds a BFA from Kalisher Art School, and MFA Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. Today he lectures in Bezalel and in Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.
Ben-Moshe has exhibited solo exhibitions at prestigious museums and galleries such as Alon Segev Gallery, Tel Aviv; Xero, Kline & Coma Gallery, London; Deptford X festival, London; Frieze Art Fair, London, as well as group exhibitions at the Tel Aviv Museum, Tel Aviv; Triumph Gallery, Moscow; Dittrich & Schlechtriem gallery, Berlin; Zuzeum Art Center, Riga; The University Art Gallery, Tel Aviv University; Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen Museum, Amsterdam; Petach-Tikva museum, Petach-Tikva; among others. 
He won multiple awards, including the Formosa Festival of International Filmmaker Awards (FFIFA & WOFFF), The Ministry of Education and Culture prize and Rabinovich foundation artist scholarship.

Eitan Ben-Moshe Portrait.

MIII JAFFA: Hi Eitan, how are you doing these days?

E.B: Ranging from feelings of cosmic tranquility to existential anxiety.

MIII JAFFA: Tell us something about the work from the Magasin III’s collection we see here.

E.B: White Shoes was exhibited in 2017 in an exhibition called Albino Heart at Alon Segev Gallery. The whole series dealt with various situations of collision that froze in time, and a kind of a new world forming during this process. The works are composed of multitude of layers laid out in aluminum boxes, containing various elements made of glass, objects that I have collected and 3D prints. Among the layers are different types of LED lighting that shines through the different layers, reflecting through the transparent objects and blocked by others.
White Shoes has to do with the scenery I see a lot in the neighborhood I live in (Shapira). As someone who likes to peek through the windows of strangers, I have been gazing into the windows of small street level apartments of refugees living in the neighborhood. Often the place is poor and simple, but almost always some bright new pair of shoes is visibly placed. One such pair, white, remained in my memory. I searched a lot in the shops at the central bus station, for the couple that appears in the work. I wanted an unidentified pair with no particular brand or style. As with most of the works I’ve done, I prefer it wouldn’t be possible to identify a particular time and place. The concreteness should be internal to the work and not external.

MIII JAFFA: In the context of these days, do you experience the work differently?

E.B: The fragility of our existence and our social and human structures has been exposed. This is certainly essential to this work, and to the series as a whole. In these days it is extremely present, so much it is intolerable.

MIII JAFFA: What are you working on right now?

E.B: Well, everything turned around a bit because I was supposed to finish works for an exhibition next month at an art space called Blake & Vargas in Berlin. At the moment everything is frozen, so I am working on all kinds of new ideas and some things that I have postponed for a long time. This week I mostly sat down with an After Effect editor for a higher quality version of a video from 2016 / FLYBLACKS. So here is the previous full-length version: FLYBLACKS
I believe it is in the spirit of these days as well.

MIII JAFFA: Any thoughts about the future?

E.B: Keeping them to myself for now :)

Eitan Ben-Moshe, White Shoes, 2017, Mixed Media. Photo: Elad Sarig. Collection Magasin III Museum for Contemporary Art.